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Find out here about The Friends of Honiton Station and our local railway.

On this website

The Friends of Honiton Station produce a regular newsletter which contains the latest information about our activities. The current edition and back issues are available to download. There is a page detailing the projects that we are, and are hoping to be, involved in. 

You can also read the fascinating history of Honiton Station from its inception in the mid-19th century.

We have a range of contacts and timetable information to enable you to explore places that can be visited by train from Honiton.

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About The Friends of Honiton Station

The Friends of Honiton Station are a group of volunteers who support our local railway.

We are a Station Adoption Group recognised by South Western Railway (SWR).

The aims of the group are set out in our Station Adoption Agreement. These are:

  • To encourage, plan or carry out visual improvements to the station environment with the support of SWR;
  • To encourage or provide enhancements to the station, such as notice-boards, display material and artwork;
  • To make Honiton Station a focus for the local community and a community resource;
  • To promote rail travel from Honiton to local people;
  • To lobby and campaign for improvements to rail services to and from Honiton, and links to local bus services.

What we do

Our objectives will be achieved by undertaking the following work:

  • By carrying out projects such as planting and weeding;
  • By fund-raising;
  • By working with SWR, the Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership, the Community Rail Network and local bodies, as well as groups such as youth groups and schools;
  • By being an advocate for the key role in communities of effective public transport;
  • By local campaigning and publicity;
  • By working with other Friends groups in neighbouring stations, and with the Salisbury to Exeter Rail Users’ Group (SERUG)